Monday, 24 March 2014

Report: How Italian students see traditional British food.

The aim of this report is to show what Italian students think of British cuisine. It is based on a survey of 9 students.

Traditional meals
 Understandably, a large number of students thought that British dishes are too heavy, especially Shepherd’s pie or baked potatoes. Nevertheless, a few of them felt that the use of butter on meat makes it tender. 

Fried food
Not surprisingly, several people agreed that fried food is tasty and practical. On the other hand, most adults would not recommend it because it is highly calorific, in particular fish and chips.

Cake and biscuits
The most common opinion is that English bakery is delicious, even though sometimes it can be sickly, for example Devil’s Cake. It is thought that the use of sugar is an advantage for the flavour more than for health.

As a result of this survey, I would strongly recommend balancing British specialities in your diet. I would also suggest exercising to prevent obesity.

By the Young Learner FCE group:
Flaminia, Nina, Vittoria, Egle, Armando, Paolo, Giorgio, Marco and Guglielmo.


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  2. Thanks very much for your lovely comment, Zahira! Suzanne.

  3. I'm Italian and I visited England about 2 years ago.
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