Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Life is Beautiful by Marcella, Federica and Aurora (Suzanne's Level 4)

Life is Beautiful is directed by Roberto Benigni. It is based on a true story in the first part of the film. It is a comedy-drama. It is set in Italy during the Nazi occupation. Roberto Benigni is the main character and his wife, Nicoletta Braschi, too. The film won three awards for best soundtrack, the best foreign language film and the best actor.

The story is set in the early 40s in Italy, when the fascist power was growing. The character and his son are Jewish and are forced into the concentration camp. In the camp, Guido tries to explain to his son their condition like a game. After a lot of situations, Guido tries to find his wife, but he is caught by soldiers and marched to be executed but the American soldiers arrive and set free the prisoners. Giosue, Guido's son, thinks that the game is over and he is the winner. Then the American soldiers let his ride on the tank.

The soundtrack was composed by Nicola Piovani and the costumes were based on 40s style. The scenes were shot in Arezzo. It has been dubbed into English and German.

The message that the film wants to convey us is that even in tragic situations you can find something that is worth living for. We recommend this film because there are a lot of things to learn for our lives.


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    1. I’ve found this review full of good information about the historic context, the costumes and the awards that the film has won. The authors have focused on the message very well and have dug in it so deep! Their recommendation is actually important advice for all the people, especially for the youngest.
      This film, in fact, isn’t so far from real life: do you know that part of it comes from Benigni’s own family? His father had survived three years of internment at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp: what a tribute for a father from his son!

  3. I didn't know that, Mate! I also think it's incredible how Bernigni and his works are such a central part of Italian culture today, but when you watch this dilm you bengin to understand why!