Monday, 19 January 2015

My name is Daniele and I went to Peru, a big country full of strange plants and animals.

I lived in a small house in an Indian village, the shaman  is very talkative and the local people are full of strange and fantastic habits.

On the first day I visited a big Maya temple. It is abandoned but I could see a lot of interesting things: altars, little waterfalls, small and dark rooms. On the second day I went with the Indians on a beautiful safari. I saw parrots, elephants, tigers and a monket stole my hat. At night we made a fire and we had a dance.

On the last day we watched the sunrise. it was very beautiful, then we made clothes with the plants and I went to a big cave with prehistoric words, for the Indians they are sacred. In the evening I left with a plane, and now I am writing this description so I don't forger this fantastic holiday.

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