Monday, 8 October 2012

An Old Key, A New Life (A story by Maria Grazia Neglia)

An Old Key, A New Life

           He slowly turned the key, he has been waiting for this moment for ages.
            John Flee was just four years old when he lost his parents. He didn't know how they disappeared, he didn't know what happened, he couldn't remember anything about that day.
            The only thing he knew was that suddenly his life changed.
            Now he wasn't the happy child he had been. He lived in a big horrible house with other young children, all of them were alone like him.
            Nobody looked after them, nobody delighted them, they had only to obey Mr. and  Mrs. Callaghan who ran the house with strict rules.
             John couldn't stand them and everyday he wondered: How would my life be if I had my parents? Would I be happy? Where would I live? And expecially, did my parents die or did they leave me alone?
            These questions were always in his mind, so when he came of age and left the house, he started searching for answers to his questions.
            He was looking for some relatives of him, when he met an old woman who told him she had a friend, Mrs Emma Flee, to whom something terrible had happened: her brother's family had disappeared. Everybody looked for them, until the police found their car hidden into the wood, inside there were Mr. and Mrs. Flee's bodies, but no trace of John their son.
            Since then Mrs. Emma has been looking for John and trying to discover his brother and sister in law's killer. Now she was living in an old age hospice.
            John was shocked about that story. He couldn't believe he still had an aunt. Now he needed to meet her and know something more.
            His aunt was an old thin lady, she was left speechless when John told her who he was, then she hugged him and started crying. - I have always dreamed of this moment! she  said.
            They needed time to talk about their past, so they spent many hours together.
            Finally John's aunt gave him a key she kept on her chest. It was his home key.
            Some hours later John was in front of an old green wooden door … now  he could fill a fifteen years void. He could finally find out what his parents were like, he could imagine his past life, he understood that once somebody loved him, he could start out a new life.
            To do that he had just to open that door, so he held his breath and slowly turned the key.

Maria Grazia Neglia
Level 4 with Andrei

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