Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Halloween Writing Competition Winner - Fabio Cusimano

He was the last person alive, and then he heard a knock at the door.  It was a dark night and the monk Altarius was alone in the library, close to the abbey.  The library was a large room, and it was lit only by the dim light of a small candle.

Altarius was reading a secret and anceint book, that nobody knew of its existence: only he could read it...  Altarius turned the pages of this book in a solemn way, not in a hurry:  he already kew everything!  Page after page Altarius understood that the book just waiting for him:  he resigned himself and knew that everything would be done that night...

A strong strom hit the walls of the library, the candle went out suddenly...  Alrarius came to the last pages of the book:  they were not written...  However, he continues to read, until - mysteriously -  a phrase appeared...  it was his name, written in blood; beside, it was a specific date: tonight!  Altarius already knew everything!  Altarius then got up immediately, and as he ran toward the door, he heard a knock at the door, then a scream in the silence...

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