Monday, 1 July 2013

Days of the week poems by Level 5


Level 5 wrote some acrostic poems about their favourite days of the week...


Sunday - Giovanni

Since i was a child I loved you!

Unforgettable always and never boring...
Nonsense to have life without you!
Dynamic or relaxing...
Anything else isn't as amazing like you!
Yesterday, today, tomorrow, forever... you.

Sunday - Eleonora 

So it comes another day
Ugly things go away
Now everything is better 
Don't exist any matters
And it's like the hope in a new year
You can see a lovely smile appear    

Saturday - Martina



Staying with my best friends
All time in the afternoon
Talking about everything
Unanimity about where to go
Rushing to be on time
Driving my car up to the coffee bar
Around a round table, 
Yellow like the sun above us!!        

    Friday -  Monica   

Finally the great day has arrived.
Rarelly I'm bored, always it's exciting.
I can relax with my friends and a
Delicious pizza I can eat
Also I can drink something.
Yeah, I'm sure, it's my favorite day       

Friday - Laura

Free your mind
Reading a good book
In a wonderful place
Don't at home but under a big tree
And dive into the story
Yes! It'll be a marvellous adventure!

What's your favourite day of the week?

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