Thursday, 19 September 2013

La Migliore Offerta - Anna and Maria Rosa

The film “L’ultima offerta” was directed by Giuseppe Tornatore in 2012. It was filmed above all in Prague. Two of the main actors are Geoffrey Rush, who starts as the main character, and Donald Sutherland, who plays the role of his best friend.

The film is about a very unsociable auctioneer who has collected a treasure-trove in works of art during his career. One day he meets a young girl and in a very complicated way he falls in love with her. In the end he discovers that the girl, his friend, the events that happened and all his life were a great lie.

I strongly recommend this film because it is like a thriller without any killing, it’s gripping and moving at the same time. It’s also unforgettable because it has an unexpected end that will surprise you.

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