Friday, 30 March 2012

Honey Candy by Stefano (Amy's Level 9)

 Honey Candy

Let's go to the grandparents!” says my dad after our Sunday lunch.

Actually, Grandpa Vincenzo and Grandma Ester are not my relatives, they were neighbours when Mum was a child and are still friends.

 Vincenzo and Ester are fantastic elders, kind and affectionate, like grandparents. Vincenzo was an engineer and a perfect Sicilian man who took us in stunning places around the island. For that reason, twice a month, at least, we spend our Sunday in a different place eating local food in a restaurant and walking in these towns or in the countryside.

 Today is different. The weather isn't good and we stayed at home in the morning. Now we are going to the “grandparents”' house. My parents will talk together and have tea, instead my sister and I will play LEGO and, above all, eat honey candy, only one because Grandma Ester tell us that it's unhealthy eating too many sweets and also because special things can't last too long, otherwise they would become normal. Each time we go there, I can eat only one of those incredible candies, little candies full of liquid honey. Once in your mouth you have to wait it melts and then a wave of sweetness will invade you exciting your tongue.

Some years later Grandpa Vincenzo and Grandma Ester passed away, but each time I eat a honey candy I still remember the fantastic days spent all around Sicily with them.

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