Tuesday, 27 March 2012

An Unforgettable Lunch by Mario (Amy's Level 9)

An unforgettable lunch

I’m very tiny because I don’t eat as much as a child has to eat. I’m nine years old and I’m an only child but I don’t think that this is the problem. My parents –my mother, especially – have a lot of problems with me: every lunch or dinner is a tragedy because I start to eat so quickly but after few minutes I feel as full as an egg and I stop immediately.
A week ago a good friend of my parents called us and invited me for a lunch in the best restaurant in Palermo, called Gourmants. I dreamt all my life of going there: some friend of mine went there with their parents and they talked with me about some delicious dishes they have eaten there.
Today is the day and I’m so excited because I’m going there. We come into the restaurant and I just smell every smell from the kitchen. Everything is magic for me. A waiter helps me to sit and another one pours me some water. When I read the menu, I have a terrible headache because I don’t know what to choose. My mother’s friend smiles because she understands very well that I’m excited.
After a some doubt, I take a dish of tortellini with meat sauce and when the first mouthful hits my tongue I think I’m going to heaven. Then I decide to take a slice of swordfish with french fries. I just feel so full but I think I won’t ever come here again and I decide to have a dessert. The waiter says that I have to try the strawberries with ice cream: I think about all the pros and cons and then I take them.
Unfortunately, after the last strawberry I feel all the food that I’ve eaten in my mouth again and I go so quickly to the bathroom where I vomit all I’ve eaten. Then I come back to the table, smiling to my friend: I vomited all the food but I’m living in a dream and I don’t want to wake up !
                                                               Mario Conte

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