Thursday, 6 December 2012


by Giuliano D'Eredità and Roberta Di Corte

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and it's the only big city in the country, with 120.000 inhabitants. One in 3 inhabitants of Iceland lives in the capital, that is located in the south west of Iceland, right in front of the Atlantic Ocean.

In the past, Iceland was populated by Vikings, and there are a lot of artefacts in the city that remember this ancient domination; one famous attraction is the Viking ship in the harbour.

Because of the hardness of the winter, the best period to go is spring/summer; nevertheless, if you go in winter time, don't miss the amazing phenomenon of the Northern Lights.

The city center is quite small but really nice to see and to stay in. The whole city is easy to visit and to move around. There is a thriving musical and artistic scene; so you can listen to many concerts at night and visit lots of interesting museums and exhibitions during the day.

Living in Reykjavik is quite expensive, although it's possible to find cheap and good fish, especially salmon, always fresh and tasty.

People are very kind and very welcoming and, moreover, everybody, even old people, speaks english very well.

When you go to visit the city, don't miss trips around Iceland. You will enjoy the amazing magnificence of nature!

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