Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Writing a travel guide, Suzanne's Level 6
by Davide Bellini and Zakaria Naous.

With its 2.500.000 inhabitants, Berlin is the capital of United Germany.
For more than 25 years it was divided by the famous wall, taken down in 1989. There are a lot of historical attractions, such as the Reichstag, the Dome and the Brandenburg Gate.
It’s also famous for its technological and sophisticated architecture that you can admire for example in the TV Tower. But it’s also a city full of amazing entertainment opportunities.
You can enjoy listening to music (both classical and modern music), dancing in the most popular discos and experiencing the magnificent spectacle of nature at the Zoologischer Garten. After a newsworthy walk through the city you can taste an original German beer, accompanying it with the typical crunchiest pretzel in the world.
Moving through the city is made easier by a really efficient public transport service which consists of very on time buses and subway as well. If you are a green person, you can always rent a bicycle in many places of the city.

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