Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A Perfect Italian Dish - Hania (Jenny's Level 9)

It was a bright sunny day and my classmates and I were going to a friend of ours' place. We were all about seven or eight years old and had been waiting for that day for one week. There was a lot of exitement among all of us because that day we would have lunch at our friend's house. When we all entered in the light blue living room, there was an inviting smell of boiled tomatoes and fresh basil that would make us feel more hungry and made me feel more curious and intringued about what was happening in that fantastic kitchen  full of flavours .

When finally lunch time came, all our eyes were sparkling full of joy  and satisfaction and sitting by that enourmous wooden table my friend's mother served us spaghetti with sauce.
"A very common dish" you would say, but not so much, and particularly, not for me!It's smell was marvellous and the taste as well. It was absolutely delicious and I was completely smitten. It was so well-cooked and the sauce had the best taste I've ever tried. It gave me the idea of something different and fresh.

As I looked at her mother, she felt enthusiastic. Perhaps she really hoped we would  like her spaghetti with sauce, and by the way she had been really nice with us.

It might not have been a real special occasion but I considered it so, because it was the first time I had eaten a perfect and well-cooked Italian dish since I'd always been eating it cooked in a different way. It was one of those days I would never forget because I understood what makes my country so famous all over the world. Every dish, even the most simple one, is just mouthwatering and absolutely delicious.

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