Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Childhood Memory by Haider (Jenny's - Level 9)

Childhood memory

The remarkable childhood memory associated with food that I have is linked to my brother’s birthday.I was working like a waiter in my house bringing food and cutlery in the living room for my brother. The house was chaotic, a mess, it was full of life and  little children running everywhere. 

However I can remember that sweet and, at the same time, dense  smell of cake coming from the kitchen, it was a chocolate cake made by my mother.The first thing that I noticed when this dish had hit my tongue is the softness of the cream mixed with the heavy taste of black intense chocolate.

 My mum put all of herself in that cake, it was the first time she had made this kind of dessert. “It is just an experiment” she said. I was astonished by this taste and at the same time proud of my mother that was receiving lots of compliments and appreciations. In addition, the sliced toasted bread contributed in making that dessert, the best one that I have ever had.

Unfortunately, we don’t eat it very often because it is just reserved for special occasions such as birthdays or parties.  Therefore I am just looking forward to birthdays to taste it one more time. I  definitely won't forget that day and that cake!


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