Monday, 15 April 2013

Welcome to Rhodes! Leopoldo (Suzanne's Level 8)

Welcome to Rhodes, an unspoilt paradise in the Aegean Sea.

Your first impression once you land on this island is to have travelled through time back to the Byzantine period and the Middle Ages. Huge medieval walls surround and contain the little, tranquil and pleasant town of Rhodos, which once was an important hub for the Byzantine empire and a centre for shipbuilding and commerce.

Strolling around the streets you feel surrounded by history. Side by side with the marvellous Byzantine churches, there's the huge Palace of the Grand Master. It was built by the famous order of the Knights Hospitaller which occupied Rhodes in 1309.

Beyond the strong walls which the knights build, the island of Rhodes has an unspoilt and diverse quantity of natural wonders. If you love hiking, in the interior of the island you can gaze at some beautiful mountainous landscapes covered with forests of pines, cypresses and strips of land wherecitrus fruits, graps, vegetables, olives and other crops are grown.

On the other hand, if you want a tranquil holiday at the beach, you will be astanished by the wonders of the island's seaside. Sandy and rocky beaches, most of them off the beaten track, alternate with little fishing towns, where you can taste all the typical foods of Greek cuisine like octopus salad or Moussaka, a pot filled with alternating layers of minced meat and feta cheese.

So if you are curious about the wonders you'll find in Rhodes, come and see with your own eyeys what paradise looks like!

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