Sunday, 19 May 2013

Film Review - Into the Wild

By Giovanni Augello (Level 4)


“Into the wild” was directed by Sean Penn and it is an adaptation of a popular book written by John Krakauer, a non-fiction account of the travels made by a young Virginia man called Christopher McCandless who disowns his family and possessions.

The star who plays the part of Christopher is Emile Hirsch but in the cast there are also so many famous actors like Kristen Stewart and Vince Vaughn.The film is set in North America and in particular Alaska in the early 1990s.

Into the wild is about the youth of Christopher McCandless that, upon his graduation from Emory University in Atlanta, goes away from his dysfunctional family in search of inspiring knowledge and a complete harmony with nature. The protagonist renames himself “Alexander Supertramp” and starts a very long journey with no material goods to arrive at his promise land, Alaska. During his trip, Chris meets different kinds of people that help him with his spiritual growth and, at the end, thanks to them he realizes that  “Happiness only real when shared”.

I highly recommend this film for the sense of freedom and beauty that it instils in the heart. Finally the movie has an amazing soundtrack entirely composed by Eddie Vedder, leader of Pearl Jam, with songs made on purpose to every scene.

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