Sunday, 19 May 2013

Film Review - Dorian Gray

By Laura Di Giorgio (Level 4)

Dorian Gray was directed by Oliver Parker. It stars Ben Barnes as Dorian Gray and Colin Firth, who plays the part of Lord Henry Wotton. It is based on the book “The Portrait of Dorian Gray” one of the best books of Oscar Wilde, a famous English writer.
Throughout the history of cinema there are many films inspired by this Oscar Wilde’s book. The film was produced in 2009. The film is set in London in the 1890s, during the Victorian age.
The film is about Dorian Gray, a beautiful boy. In the beginning of the film, he arrives in London because his grandfather is dead. He is an orphan. In London he becomes friends with Lord Wotton who asks the young boy if he can give his soul to the devil, when he sees Dorian’s portrait. Dorian answers that he would be always young and after that he becomes a dissolute man.
At the end, when he found his true love, he can become again a good man.
I recommend this film because it is a good transposition of Oscar Wilde’s book. It’s a gripping film and I love the book too.


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