Sunday, 19 May 2013

Film Review - Pretty Woman

by Enrica Ferrara (Level 4)

"Pretty Woman" was directed by Garry Marshall in 1990. It stars Julia Roberts as Vivian Ward, and Richard Gere as Edward Lewis. The film won an Oscar, a Golden Globe and a César in 1991. The film is set in Los Angeles and one of its soundtrack has become one of the most important songs in the history of cinema.

The film is about a businessman called Edward who is seduced by a prostitute, played by Julia Roberts. He brings her in his five-star hotel and He decides to teach her how to live in high society.
She will be his companion in all social events; after many encounters sometimes really funny, She will awaken his feelings and They will fall in love.

I strongly recommend Pretty Woman, because It makes me smile and cry so many times and I think that the final scene is the emblem of romance!!!

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