Sunday, 19 May 2013

Film Review - No Country for Old Men

By Gabriele Maida (Level 4)

No Country for Old Men was directed by the Coen brothers (Joel and Ethan Coen). It stars Tommy Lee Jones as Bertran De Born, Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh and Josh Brolin as Llewelyn Moss. The film won four Oscars in 2008, Best Film, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor (Javier Bardem).

The film is set in the desert landscape of Texas in the 1980s. It was shot on location in Texas. It is based on the eponymous book written by Cormac McCarthy in 2005.

The film is about the awareness of life and its randomness. In the beginning of the film Llewelyn Moss accidentally finds several dead man, a lot of drugs, and 2 million dollars in cash in the desert near his home; probably a drug deal that went wrong. He takes the money and goes to his home, unfortunately some Mexicans see him. Then he sends his wife to her mother’s and he goes to a motel to hide the mone
Anton Chigurh is a hitman who make a lot of strange killings. He is hired to find the man and the money by the Mexicans. After a lot of killings, Chigurh finds Moss and Chigurh threatens to kill Moss’s wife if he does not tell him where the money is, Moss refuses and is then killed. 

At the end Chigurh keeps his promise to kill Moss’s wife, but when he leaves from the house he is hit by a speeding car. Meanwhile the old sheriff thinks about these strange deaths and he feels totally inadequate to the current times.

I strongly recommend No Country for Old Men, it puts you on the edge of your seat for the whole duration of the film and it is a beautiful film as demonstrated by the number of prizes it has won. 

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